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Hillstone SG6K-VM01-IN-012: Virtuální Firewall Cloud Edge, podpora 2 jádra, pamět 2G

SG-6000-vm01 software base system, including 1-year identify database upgrade and software upgrade services.Support 2 core,2G memory.

Hillstone SG6K-VM01-IN-012: Virtuální Firewall Cloud Edge, podpora 2 jádra, pamět 2G


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  • AV Throughput: 800Mbps
  • IPS Throughput: 1Gbps
  • IPSEC Througput: 200Mbps
  • IPSEC VPN Tunnels: 50
  • SSL VPN Users (Default/max): 5/50
  • Core (Min/max): 1/1
  • Memory: 1G
  • Network Interfaces: 10
  • Firewall Throughput (1518 Bytes): 2Gbps
  • Maximum Concurrent Sessions: 100K
  • New Sessions Per Second: 10K




Virtuální firewall Cloud Edge se používá k ochraně perimetru v datových centrech (z WAN do LAN). Virtuální firewall Cloud Edge lze také použít jako bezpečnostní bránu pro Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) ve veřejném cloudu.


Cloud Edge poskytuje špičkovou ochranu v reálném čase pro aplikace a proti síťovým útokům. Poskytují ochranu proti virům, spywaru, červům, botnetům, ARP spoofingu, DoS / DDoS útokům, trojským koním atp.


CloudEdge podporuje různé hypervisor řešení (KVM, Xen a VMware ESXi) a může být integrován do nejrůznějších cloudových platforem (AWS, OpenStack a VMware vCenter)




Network Services and Support

  • Static and policy routing
  • Route controlled by application
  • Built-in DHCP, NTP, DNS Server and DNS proxy
  • Interface modes: sniffer, port aggregated, loopback



  • Operating modes: NAT/route, transparent (bridge), and mixed mode
  • Schedules: one-time and recurring
  • Application Level Gateways and session support: MSRCP, PPTP, RAS, RSH, SIP, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, dcerpc, dns-tcp, dns-udp, H.245 0, H.245 1, H.323
  • NAT support: SNAT, DNAT, PAT, Full Cone NAT, STUN
  • Global policy management view
  • Policy objects: predefined, custom, and object grouping


QoS Traffic Shaping

  • Tunnel allocation based on security domain, interface, address, user/user group, service/service group, application/application group, TOS, VLAN
  • Supports embedded two layers and eight tunnels
  • Supports maximum bandwidth cap and minimum bandwidth guarantee on multi-level tunnels or on a per IP/user basis
  • Supports differentiated services according to priority and bandwidth average allocation policy
  • Flexible allocation of remaining bandwidth according to priority
  • Actively restrain inbound traffic from server side


Link Load Balancing

  • Outbound functions:Policy based routing (PBR) supports ECMP, time and weighted, supports embedded ISP routing and dynamic detection
  • Inbound functions: SmartDNS (supports A-record resolution of DNS) and dynamic detection
  • Automatically switches the link according to bandwidth occupancy and network latency
  • Link health inspection by ARP, PING and DNS


Server Load Balancing

  • Supports server health diagnostic, server session protection and session persistence
  • Supports multiple SLB algorithm, including weighted hashing, weighted least-connection and weighted round-robin
  • Supports server session status monitoring



  • Supports various standard IPSec VPN protocols and deployment modes
  • Supports SSL VPN (USB-key option)
  • Supports IKEv2 protocol
  • Supports Xauth protocol
  • Supports OCSP and SCEP
  • Supports clients that run iOS, Android, and Windows XP/Vista including 64-bit Windows OS


User and Device Identity Control

  • Local user database
  • Remote user authentication: LDAP, Radius, Active Directory
  • Single-sign-on: Windows Active Directory
  • User-based policies



  • 7,000+ signatures, protocol anomaly detection, custom signatures, manual, automatic signature updates, integrated threat encyclopedia
  • IPS Actions: default, monitor, block, reset (attackers IP or victim IP, incoming interface) with expiry time
  • Packet logging option
  • Filter Based Selection: severity, target, OS, application or protocol
  • IP exemption from specific IPS signatures
  • IDS sniffer mode
  • IPv4 rate-based DOS protection with threshold settings against TCP Syn flood, TCP/UDP/SCTP port scan, ICMP sweep, TCP/UDP/SCIP/ICMP session flooding (source/destination)
  • Predefined prevention configuration



  • Flow-based virus filter with low latency
  • Support the scanning of big virus files
  • Real-time blocking of virus connection,record virus event
  • Support HTTP,FTP and SMTP scanning
  • Over 1.3 million AV signatures , supports update signatures from local or internet


URL Filter

  • Flow-based web filtering inspection
  • Manually defined web filtering based on URL, web content and MIME header
  • Dynamic web filtering with cloud-based real-time categorization database: over 140 million URLs with 64 categories (8 of which are security related)
  • Additional web filtering features:
    • Filter Java Applet, ActiveX or cookie
    • Block HTTP Post - Log search keywords
    • Exempt scanning encrypted connections on certain categories for privacy
  • Web filtering profile override: allows administrator to temporarily assign different profiles to user/group/IP
  • Web filter local categories and category rating override


Application Control

  • Over 3,000 applications that can be filtered by name, category, subcategory, technology and risk
  • Each application contains a description, risk factors, dependencies, typical ports used, and URLs for additional reference
  • Actions: block, reset session, monitor, traffic shaping


High Availability

  • Redundant heartbeat interfaces
  • High availability mode: Active/Passive
  • Standalone session synchronization
  • Failover:
    • Port, local & remote link monitoring
    • Stateful failover
    • Sub-second failover
    • Failure detection notification
  • Deployment Options:
    • HA with link aggregation
    • Full mesh HA


  • Management access: HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, telnet
  • Central Management: Hillstone Security Manager (HSM), web service APIs
  • System Integration: SNMP, syslog, alliance partnerships
  • Rapid deployment: local and remote script execution
  • Dynamic real-time dashboard status and drill-in monitoring, widgets
  • Language support: English


Logs and Reporting

  • Logging facilities: local storage, and third-party multiple syslog servers
  • Detailed traffic logs: forwarded, violated sessions, local traffic, invalid packets
  • Comprehensive event logs: system and administrative activity audits, routing and networking, VPN, user authentications


Hypervisors Supported

  • KVM, VMware ESXi, Xen, AMI (AWS)
200MbpsIPSec Propustnost
800GbpsAntivir Propustnost
1GbpsIPS Propustnost
100KMaximum Concurrent Sessions (Standard/Max.)
10KNew Sessions/sec(HTTP)
50IPSEC VPN Tunnels
5/50SSL VPN Users (Default/Max)

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