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PacketLight PL-1000TE-8: Univerzální transpondér s možností zapnutí kryptování

PL-1000TE 8multirate transponders box (no C/DWDM mux and ribbon cable)

PacketLight PL-1000TE-8: Univerzální transpondér s možností zapnutí kryptování


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Univerzální transpondér pro přenos signálů až do rychlosti 16Gb/s s možností zapnutí kryptování.

Specifikace PL-1000TE
  • Multirate and Multi-Protocol 8 transponder configurable from 100Mbps up to 16Gbps
  • Supports the following service types: 100/1000Base-T/GbE/10G and 40G Eth, 1G/2G/4G/8G/16G FC, OC3/STM1, OC12/STM4,OC48/STM16, OC192/STM64, CPRI 614M to 9.8G rates
  • Low latency connectivity
  • Remote management and topology discovery for the optical network
  • Pluggable SFP/SFP+ interfaces for both service and WDM channels
  • Supports Full C-Band Tunable DWDM Line sides (SFP+)
  • Optional integrated EDFAs , Mux/Demux and/or Optical Switch modules
  • Support for 1+1 facility protection
  • Bidirectional performance monitoring for all services
  • Supports single and dual fiber connections
  • Dual AC or DC pluggable Power Supply and pluggable FAN Unit


  • High capacity low latency, data center connectivity
  • Efficient connectivity for campus, ISP and enterprise networks
  • Enables delivery of high bandwidth managed services over dark fiber
  • Upgrade of existing WDM networks to support 10GEth, 40GEth and 16G FC services
  • High throughput Metro Ethernet connectivity
  • Solving bottlenecks in fiber exhausted optical networks
  • Distance extension for data networks up to 120km


  • Supports up to 8 multirate and multiprotocol services from 100Mbps up to 40Gbps
  • Increase fiber utilization using layer-1 CWDM or DWDM technology
  • Low latency connectivity, ideal for trading applications and synchronous Data Center Replication
  • Integrated EDFA, Mux/Demux and optical switch modules
  • Support the entire range of Fibre channel protocols 1/2/4/8/10G and 16G
  • Remote management with both optical supervisory channels and in-band management uplinks- based on MSA pluggable SFP and SFP+ allowing maximum flexibility as well as ease of maintenance and operation
  • The PL-1000TE is designed to support point-to-point, Linear ADM and Ring topologies with Facility protection.
  • CPRI communication between BaseBand Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Head (RRH)
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